Modern suspension formulation

Suspension formulation is a new solution, which connects positive properties of crystalline and liquid fertilizers, e.g.:

  • high concentration of nutrients (like in crystalline fertilizers),
  • very good solubility (like liquid fertilizers),
  • easy usage (like liquid fertilizers),
  • possibility of use even after deficit symptoms.

In result, the efficiency of treatments is much more higher, what affects on lower costs of fertilization.




The suspension formulation technology allows the formation of fertilizers with a higher concentration of nutrients in 1L of fertilizer and significantly better solubility, which in turn results in increased efficiency of the treatments. In the case of VitaFer suspension fertilizers, only selected, chemically pure raw materials are used which more effectively meet the requirements of plants and exclude the possibility of undesired chemical interactions between the raw materials. In addition, hard water does not affect the solubility of the suspension as in the case of crystalline fertilizers. VitaFer fertilizers mix very well with other agrochemicals to improve the properties of the final working fluid, which has the positive qualities resulting from the use of adjuvants (eg better adhesion, higher stability, even distribution and optimum pH of the working fluid). They also affect the rate of nutrient penetration into the leaves of the plant, which allows them to be effectively applied at times of deficiency. Concentrated fertilizers occupy less storage space than their liquid counterparts with the same properties, making their storage more comfortable. They can be stored at lower temperatures, and can also be used at different humidity levels without losing their properties. Ingredients in suspension fertilizers do not cushion and not fractionate, as is the case in crystalline fertilizers.


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We encourage you to familiarize yourself with VitaFer's palette of fertilizers.



Innovative technology of nanoparticles

innowacyjna technologiaThe nanoparticle is a very small molecule that has completely different physical, chemical and biological properties than the larger molecules that are present in most fertilizers. It distinguishes them:

  • much better solubility in water compared to the standard particles,
  • higher chemical activity,
  • quicker absorption by the plant's cell-wall.

The innovative technology used in VitaFer fertilizers makes fertilization more effective than traditional fertilizers. This is primarily due to the short time required for the plant to acquire the component. This allows fertilizers to be used both preventively and at critical times when rapid replenishment of macronutrients and micronutrients is needed.

Uniform fragmentation of all nutrients affects to:


Optimalized absorption of macro- and micrountrients

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Higher resistance of plants

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Increased plants mass

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Increased the quality and quantity of yields



Another factor affecting the effectiveness of VitaFer fertilizers is the addition of adjuvants.

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