Oilseed rape - 2019-2020 research

Tests results after spraying winter oilseed rape Monolit with fertilizers VitaFer Micro, VitaFer Kombi and VitaFer Bor. Poland, around Warsaw 2019- 2020


rzepak przed opryskiem

OSR before spraying, autumn 2019



rzepak wiosną po oprysku

OSR in spring is healthier after spraying, more plants have survived the winter



wzrost rzepaku

Despite the frosts, there is no damage



wzrost rzepaku po oprysku

Faster growth of OSR after spraying



uprawa rzepaku

The plants were branched, healthy and developed rapidly



nasiona rzepaku

Large and many seeds in pods



wykres różnic w plonach rzepaku



The average yield of Monolith OSR was 37 dt/ha. The difference between the fertilizerd area with VitaFer Micro 1l/ha + VitaFer Kombi 2.5l/ha + VitaFer Bor 1l/ha was about 7%. According to the current rape prices, profit amounted to 109 EUR/ha. The cost of the VitaFer Kombi, VitaFer Micro and VitaFer Bor fertilizers is around 18,20 EUR/ha.

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