Demonstration fields - Poland

On June 6 and 7, 2019, the "VitaFer" company took part in the "Sixteenth Meetings of Farmers in the Demonstration Fields" in the towns of Plebania Wola and Wiszniów.


A total of 830 farmers attended the event. 42 demonstrations of winter oilseed rape, 18 wheat, 15 maize, 11 soybeans, 2 field beans and various combinations of protection and fertilization were presented in the demonstration fields.


Thank you to all farmers for the meetings, during which we were able to answer questions, give advice and get feedback on the use of fertilizers produced by "VitaFer".


spotkania rolników namiot

spotkania rolników

During meetings with farmers, samples of "TeamFer Cereals" and "TeamFer Oilseed Rape" were given. Competitions were also held, whose winners received fertilizers intended for use in the cereals and oilseed rape. Each of the awards is intended for treatments on an area of 10 ha.

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