liście rzepakuWe invite you to read VitaFer News!  ???? In many crops, winter oilseed rape enters the 4 - 6 leaf stage. This is the optimal time to administer the first dose of boron. The guarantee of high yields is a strong root system with an appropriate diameter of the root neck (0.8 to 1 cm) and its correct, deep embedding. This year's boron feeding is particularly important due to the massive raids of cabbage root fly, the larvae of which can severely damage the root system. We recommend VitaFer Boron - foliar suspension fertilizer for interventional and preventive supply of boron, phosphorus and nitrogen. Additionally, it contains micronutrients: copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. Boron in combination with chelated cationic elements helps prevent other hidden nutrient deficiencies. A wide complex of adjuvants improves the properties of the working fluid. The absorption area of ​​the fertilizer increases. The spray liquid drops better adhere to the leaf surface and the preparation dries slower, which significantly extends its operation. Composition: 10.56% nitrogen + 13.2% phosphorus + 9.24% boron + copper + iron + manganese + molybdenum + zinc. In the first dose, we use 2 liters of fertilizer per 1 ha. With an invisible deficit and average demand. If deficits are noticed (intervention), we can use 3 liters per 1 ha at a time.

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