The autumn field work season is slowly coming to an end. It's time to think about securing your sprayers for the winter. Care should be taken to clean the device properly: not only do we clean the inside of the tank, but also the entire outside of the machine, not forgetting to clean the filters and nozzles. This will guarantee us trouble-free storage of machines until the summer season.

VitaFer® Perfect Clean - liquid for cleaning sprayers. Removes pesticides and other residues including oily, sticky liquids from the tank, lines, filters and nozzles. It is a composition of several different ingredients that complement each other and ensure optimal cleaning of machines. The product perfectly removes pesticide residues, including sulfonylureas and growth regulators.
1. To clean the inside of the sprayer: 250 - 300 ml/100 l of water
2. For cleaning filters and nozzles: 30 - 50 ml/ 10 l of water
3. For cleaning the outside of the sprayer: 30 - 50 ml / 10 l of water


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