VitaFer News May 03/2022

In many fields, we can already observe the incoming corn seedlings. Soon it will be possible to perform the first foliar feeding treatment. In corn, the micronutrients that have the greatest impact on the size and quality of the crop are zinc and boron. Allowing the deficiency of these elements to occur will result in worse growth and development of plants and will reduce the yield of green fodder and grain. One should not forget about the beneficial effects of copper, iron and molybdenum.

VitaFer ® Extra Zn is a mineral fertilizer for the interventional and preventive supply of zinc with the addition of nitrogen and sulfur. It ensures proper development of plants and stimulates the growth of resistance to stressful conditions. It has a positive effect on the development of the root system and increases the absorption of nutrients from the soil. Additionally, it is enriched with high-quality adjuvants that improve the quality of the working fluid. It is a fertilizer dedicated to crops with a high demand for zinc: corn, cereals, potatoes, vegetable crops and fruit trees.

Composition: 6.50% N + 2.60% K20 + 24.05% SO3 + 19.50% Zn


Doses and dates of use:

Sugar beet: 2 treatments at a dose of 0.5 - 1 l / ha from the 4-6 leaf phase to inter-row closure, every 12-14 days.

Corn: 2 treatments at a dose of 0.75-1l / ha from the 3-5 leaves phase, every 7-12 days.

Legumes vegetables: 2-3 treatments at a dose of 0.5-1l / ha from emergence to the phase of the emergence of flower buds.

Potatoes: 2 treatments at a dose of 0.5 - 1 l / ha from the shoot formation phase to 40% of the final tuber weight at intervals of 12-14 days.

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