VitaFer News May 02/2022

The first critical period for the development of legumes vegetaabes, vegetables, corn, orchards and berries is ahead of us. Crops may be exposed to the effects of May frosts. The deficit of precipitation in many regions of Poland also adversely affects the condition of plantations. The effects of abiotic stress can be reduced by using a biostimulating package with algae and amino acids.

VitaFer ® Fix Up - has an ecological certificate

It is an innovative biostimulating package that supports regeneration and flowering. Effectively protects against the effects of drought, frost or too high temperatures in periods critical for plant development. It has a positive effect on the flowering and fruit setting process. Thanks to the synergistic action of algae and amino acids, excessive fall of flowers, pods or fruit will be stopped. It will positively influence the optimization of nitrogen fertilization.

Dose per 1 ha: 2.5 l VitaFer ® Algae + 2.5 l VitaFer ® Green

Orchards / Berry crops: two treatments: first before flowering and second 7 days later.

Vegetables / Legumes: two treatments: first at the beginning of flowering and the second 14 days later.

Other crops: intervention or after the occurrence of stressful conditions.

Preventive stress conditions: 12 - 24 hours before the risk of frost.

Stress conditions by intervention: as soon as possible after stress occurs.


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