VitaFer News May 01/2022

In the cultivation of winter cereals, we can already observe the symptoms of supplementary feeding of the adult form of the horsetail plant. In winter oilseed rape, are pollen beetle visible - in the green bud phase it is the most dangerous pest of oilseed rape. This is the time when we perform insecticide treatments. We can significantly support the action of available active substances by regulating the pH of the water used to prepare the working liquid. The optimal pH for insecticides is 4.5 - 5.5.

VitaFer ® Opti pH is a liquid fertilizer used as an acidifying agent and buffer to solve problems related to water hardness and high pH. It neutralizes some dissolved salts, increases the availability of nutrients, prevents the precipitation and alkaline hydrolysis of active substances and compounds such as organic phosphates, natural and synthetic pyrethroids and biological insecticides.

VitaFer ® Opti pH

It has a built-in pH indicator that changes the color of the water according to the pH. In this way, you can visually and easily determine the pH of the working fluid by comparing its color with a color scale.



All crops: 100 - 120 ml / 100 liters of water.


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