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The treatment with a biostimulating preparation containing Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed extract, performed before the flowering of winter oilseed rape, has an impact on the development of pods. By blocking the IND gene, less thick-walled, lignified cells with a high lignin content are formed at the seam of the oilseed rape. The stress in the maturing tissues of the pods is reduced and thus the losses resulting from the shedding of oilseeds rape are limited. For this treatment to be effective, it must be performed until the development phase of BBCH 52, i.e. the beginning of the development of flower buds.

VitaFer ® Algi

Composition: 3.08% N + 1.85% K2O + 3.69 B + trace elements + Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed extract + natural growth hormones + amino acids + vitamins + gibberellins + iodine.

Organic substance content: 35% DS

VitaFer ® Algi is a mineral biostimulating fertilizer with the content of macro and micronutrients, natural growth hormones, amino acids, vitamins, iodine and Ascophyllum nodosum sea algae extract.

Dosages and application dates:

Winter oilseed rape: 2 treatments in spring, at a dose of 2-3 l / ha from the beginning of main shoot elongation after winter dormancy until the beginning of flower bud development (BBCH 30-52)


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