VitaFer Si fertilizer for vegetables

Category: Liquids

vitafer si

Liquid fertilizer for immediate supplementation with silicon

Composition:  25,6% SiO2 + 3,84% N + 15,36 K2O + adjuvants + EPIN

Density: 1,28 kg/l

pH: 11


  • a'1L bottle
  • a'5L, a'10L buckets
  • a'200L barrel
  • a'1000L IBC

There is also a possibility to order that fertilizer in 200l barrels and 1000l IBC tanks.




VitaFer® Si is a new suspension fertilizer, characterized by anti-stress properties. It stimulates the plant's immune system, growth and development.

VitaFer® Si contains 25,6% of easily assimilable silicon (SiO2) that forms the cell wall (”protective filter”) reinforcement and inhibits microbial penetration. Additionally, it prevents evaporation of water from plants, what has a direct impact on the improvement of the photosynthesis process and absorption of nutrients.

VitaFer® Si is environment-friendly and fully biodegradable.

Key advantages of VitaFer® Si

  • Increased tolerance of plants to unfavorable crop conditions (eg drought and other abiotic stress),
  • limited impact of biotic stress caused by pathogens and / or pests,
  • higher resistance to unfavorable weather conditions (drought, inadequate salinity of the soil, low temperatures)
  • stimulation of root growth,
  • reinforced plant cell walls, increasing resistance to mechanical damage (eg during harvest),
  • less evaporation of plant water,
  • increased photosynthesis,
  • stimulation of the absorption and utilization of nutrients from soil,
  • improvement of yield, quality and storage properties of crops.


Use recommendations


Use rate (l/ha)

Time of application

Winter cereals


1 - Autumn: 3-6 leaves phase

2 - Spring: tillering

3 - Blade shooting

Spring cereals


1 - Spring: tillering



1 - Leaves and shoots development



1 - Autumn: 4-8 leaves phase

2 - Spring: after moving of the vegetation



1 - 4-8 leaves phase

Fruit trees 0,5-1

1 - during the green bud phase

2 - during the fruit development stage

Vegetables 0,5-1 1 - during the intensive growth stage



% weight

% vol.

Silicon (SiO2) 20,00 25,60
Nitrogen (NH2) 3,00 3,84
Potassium (K2O) 12,00 15,36

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