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VitaFer is a polish, agrochemical company specializing in the production of foliar fertilizers in a innovative suspension and liquid form with long-standing experience, based in Tarczyn. Our Experts, using specialized knowledge, develop products that fully address to the requirements of plants associated with macro and micro nutrient deficiencies. Such deficiencies are a serious threat to the proper development of plants, which in turn leads to lower yields and a decrease in their yields.




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Formulation services

In order to meet customer expectations, the company also provides formulation services under the wholesaler's own brands. We also offer the possibility to develop personalized recipes by our qualified specialists, who will ensure the optimum composition according to the crop requirements and soil conditions.




Operating range

With the development of the company we are looking for business partners all over the world who are interested in revolutionary solutions of plants fertilizing.

VitaFer fertilizers, due to the revolutionary suspension form, have properties that aim to supply plants with missing nutrients and prevent their deficiencies. Due to their unique advantages, they have won the recognition of clients outside Poland, among others. In Germany, the Baltic States, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Serbia, Albania, Moldova and Kazakhstan, contributing to more effective agriculture.







Golden Seven of the Agricultural Industry 2018

VitaFer was awarded in the plebiscite "Golden Seven of the Agricultural Industry 2018" organized by the editors of TV AGRO and TV EXPO in the "Foliar Fertilizers" category. The plebiscite is a prestigious distinction for companies which, thanks to consistent development, experience, innovation and reliability, have received the editorial recommendation.

The advertising spot with the participation of the VitaFer company was broadcast in cooperation with national TVs, among others from TVP and POLSAT groups.






VitFer Company has established and applies a Quality Managment System for: Production of foliar fertilizers.




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Our goal is healthy crops

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