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VitaFer – modern fertilizers in a liquid and innovative suspension form

Unfavorable weather conditions, low degree of development of the root system and other factors can contribute to an insufficient supply of plant nutrients. This can be prevented by applying foliar fertilization, which will significantly increase the growth of yields. Providing nutrients via the non-root path is an excellent way to supplement deficiencies due to the fact that the absorption of substances is higher than through soil fertilization. We invite you to watch the movie that shows the effects of foliar fertilization.


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Innovative fertilization methods

We specialize in providing our clients with fertilizers that can be successfully used in agriculture, as well as in orchads and vegetables. Our fertilizers are a revolutionary suspension form, that allows you to get even better yield growth while maintaining full safety of use. Products available in our offer provide plants with makro- and microelements and prevent their deficiencies. We enrich them with adjuvants that increase quality and the size of yields, we also add a growth steroid called Epibrasinolide, which is naturally present in plants. It stimulates physiological processes and significantly influences the quality of the obtained crops.

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04-07 2021
foliar fertilization magazine top agrar

Springtime stir in top agrar Poland no 04/2021

In the latest April issue of top agrar Poland, read about foliar fertilization and learn about the VitaFer programs, you will find out how and when is the best time to feed crops.

02-24 2021
VitaFer bookcase

VitaFer fertilizers have their place

02-10 2021
Jagodnik magazine

VitaFer in newspaper Jagodnik

In the Jagodnik newspaper, our strawberry fertilization program from the beginning of vegetation until harvest. Plan ahead and enjoy a fertile yield with VitaFer foliar fertilizers. You can find more fertilization plans on our website in the tab Agro Consulting - Fertilizing programs. You're welcome!


VitaFer sp. z o.o. sp. k.

Aleja Krakowska 19, 05-555 Tarczyn

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